There's much enjoyment to be had playing pool down your local, be it the fun of winning and gloating about it to friends or the fact that your abilities seem to get laughably worse as the night goes on (must be the pub snacks).

Luckily, I-play has given you the chance to brush up your skills with the soon-to-be-released World Championship Pool 2010.

The premise is simple. Pick a character from a roster of ten (each apparently with unique personalities and specific pool skills), and challenge the AI in a series of international tournaments.

There are three pool variations playable (US 8-ball, US 9-ball and UK 8-ball), and I-play claims, "novice players will become pool sharks in no time" due to the simple control system.

Also included are various challenges, unlockable characters and detailed statistics, as well a Pass and Play mode enabling you to challenge a friend. For the professionals amongst us there are also trophies and awards that can be won, provided you have the skills.

Released during October 2009, World Championship Pool 2010 looks to be a very comprehensive pool title, and one that promises to help you save on those 50 pence coins.