Following speculation earlier this month that Vancouver-based indie developer IUGO would port its critical hit Toy Bot Diaries to PSP, the company has unveiled plans to release two of its other titles - Star Hogs and Zombie Attack! - as PSP minis.

Star Hogs (iPhone version pictured) received tremendous praise for infusing turn-based battles with real-time action elements. Inspired by the side-scrolling warfare of Worms, the game managed to one-up that franchise on iPhone with online multiplayer.

That feature looks to be stripped in a port. According to a statement made by Sony's Justin Cooney at GDC Austin this week, minis are not allowed to incorporate multiplayer features. As such, the game's trademark network multiplayer will likely be dropped in its transition to a PSP mini.

Also planned for a PSP debut is free reign tower defence title Zombie Attack! Neither games have received a definite release date, though Director of Business Development Sarah Thompson says to expect IUGO releases on PSP beginning later this year.

"Since we have been able to prove success with our own brands on the iPhone, we are now expanding out onto other platforms to truly reach the masses," hopes Thompson.

Star Hogs and Zombie Attack! will appear on PSP later this year, but you can get them now for iPhone on the App Store.