Remember the Android-powered multimedia gaming device we showed you the other week - the ODROID?

Well, the fascinating touchscreen beast is back, and this time manufacturer Hardkernal has successfully played right into out nostalgic need.

The gaming device has the same cerebral cortex as the iPhone 3GS, giving it some serious thinking power when it comes to HD video.

To expand on this capability, the ODROID comes with an HDMI TV output, allowing it to send high-def straight to your telly as shown in the video below.

But as Hardkernal rightly points out, playing SNES games on an HD TV is quite awesome, and shows off the ODROID further into the video getting its retro game on.

Our initial reaction to the ODROID was one of mild confusion, but this video really nourishes the tech-freak side of our pocket gaming personality. Check it out.

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