We heard that the next big retro adventure being ported to the iPhone was Revolution Software's seminal, dystopian sci-fi epic, Beneath a Steel Sky, back at the end of July.

The first screens and a healthy dollop of info have just been released over at OnSoftware.

Despite its dark future theme, the game still managed to pack in the humour as it sets you on a story-rich, post-apocalyptic quest for survival and truth across a futuristic Australia.

Games like Monkey Island and Flight of the Amazon Queen have more than proven that the iPhone is capable of graphically representing those expansive point-and-click adventures that were all the rage just before the 3D revolution struck, so the real issue comes down to controls.

In Beneath a Steel Sky, it seems the developer would agree. Rather than maintaining a mouse pointer driven by the touchscreen (a rather clumsy method, to be honest) the game has apparently been properly dissected and rebuilt; scrapping the pointer altogether and simply using a touch-and-click interface. Nice.

Also thrown into the mix are a host of new cut scenes from artist Dave Gibbons (of Watchmen fame), the revamped user interface and remastered, high quality music.

Beneath a Steel Sky is expected to spread its wings across the App Store later this month, or early October. More news as we get it.