IUGO is marking the first anniversary of its Toy Bot Diaries series by releasing a compilation of all three adventures onto the App Store.

Toy Bot Diaries Entries 1, 2 and 3 each received an 8/10 Pocket Gamer Silver Award thanks to their stylish and inventive take on platforming, so the opportunity to acquire all three titles in a single package for a reasonable price (£2.39) is more than welcome.

Each Toy Bot game makes clever use of the iPhone’s accelerometer controls, requiring you to tilt the handset to move and to swing the lead character from his handy grappling hook. The series is also notable for its occasionally fiendish physics-based puzzles.

One thing’s for sure - playing through each episode in turn will be a significant (not to mention delightful) challenge for any iPhone gamer.

You can also read our interview with the game's designer over PocketGamer.biz - Well-oiled machine: The making of Toy Bot Diaries.