Though we may try to resist it, the promise of skimpily clad flesh as a reward for mobile gaming achievements is a powerful motivator.

High scores are all very well, but being able to trade those points for an eyeful of hot babe is better, and that's the tactic FHM Bar Games: Pinups Edition adopts to turn three very average mini-games into quite an addictive sport.

Consisting of three individual gambling games, your goal is to build up enough virtual cash to unlock the photos in the gallery. Each one is progressively more expensive, and there are quite a few to unlock. The mini-games are easily playable enough to give you a glance at about half of the FHM chicks before they become too expensive to justify your time.

Poker is probably the best of the three games, requiring you to place a bet, deal five cards, hold the ones you want and then swap out the others in the hope of making a good hand. It's a shame you have to bet before seeing your first set of cards, but it's as addictive as any small card game and it's here that you're likely to shore up most of your babe-revealing money.

Pool is very basic, but also quite forgiving, allowing you to take rather quick, wild shots and still pot the balls without too much difficulty. The slots game is a decent enough representation of a gambling machine, but it's perhaps a little too realistic - meaning you never really win a great deal of money.

It's the same cash pot throughout all three games, however, so if you have a particular preference for one of the three gambling systems you can still unlock the gallery without having to suffer the games you don't particularly enjoy.

All in all, FHM Bar Games: Pinups Edition is perfectly entertaining, though it adds nothing to the mobile gaming world that we didn't see five years ago. If this ultra-simple gameplay style is your staple diet then you won't be disappointed, but the lack of originality might be an insurmountable obstacle for the experienced pocket gamer.