C&VG has been chatting with Sony's reps, who apparently confirmed that the UK will also be receiving a Gran Turismo PSP hardware bundle, though "... it's different to the US one."

The US bundle was announced earlier in the week for release on October 20th, just after the PSPgo hits the shelves. This rather tasty package will include a Mystic Silver PSP-3000 console, Gran Turismo on UMD, a PlayStation Network movie download voucher, a 2GB memory stick and ten free downloadable songs from Sony Music Pass, all for $199.99.

Although we don't know exactly what will be included in the UK bundle, if it's even remotely comparable to the US one it seems as though the massively overpriced PSPgo will be seeing some very stiff competition from its former hardware model.

Even taking into account the pre-order price cuts and free (though limited) Gran Turismo download, the PSP-3000 deal looks considerably more appealing, leading us to once again wonder, what the hell is Sony's endgame for the PSPgo?

I'm beginning to wonder if it's a virgin sacrifice intended to make the PSP-3000 look all the more appealing.

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