Personally, I just get excited whenever I see Taito's famous, soapy-mouthed dragons on a new platform, as it puts us one step closer to a Bubble Bobble adaptation (fingers and eyes crossed).

It's also great to see their smiling reptilian faces staring back at us from an iPhone screen this morning as it means Puzzle Bobble (also known as Bust-a-Move) has finally popped onto the App Store.

Back in 1994 the game brought a new angle to the still-burgeoning Tetris scene by putting you in control of the next piece of the puzzle by shooting coloured bubbles into the sky. Match three of the same colour and the bubbles burst. An ultra simple game that proved to be digital heroin, and is just as addictive today.

The new iPhone adaptation also delivers the two-player version. In the arcades the screen was split in two as you knocked elbows with another virtual soap dragon, but now you can go head-to-head over Bluetooth to see who's the real master of the bubbles.

Bub and Bob are waiting for you on the App Store right now, so pop the 'Buy It!' bubble to shoot on over and check out Puzzle Bobble.

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