It seems pretty reasonable to suggest the hot new iPhone zombie shooter Alive 4-ever is influenced by the recent PC and Xbox 360 hit Left 4 Dead, but that's just fine with me.

The four player undead FPS was a great addition to contemporary Romero mythology (although the zombies were too fast - rookie mistake), so any similar living dead mayhem on the iPhone is very welcome - and Alive 4-ever really packs in the action and gore.

Over 30 different missions begin with the outbreak of a zombie epidemic, requiring you to take up arms and rescue as many suvivors as possible, find vaccines and take out the mother zombie.

Most important, however, is the inclusion of four player Bluetooth multiplayer. No zombieathon is complete until a small band of survivors club together to take out the rotting flesh of a hellish legion. Let's just hope this action extends to wi-fi and 3G online multiplayer.

Alive 4-ever has just gone... er, live on the App Store at an introductory price of just 59p until August 31st (a shame it didn't land a few days earlier so we could have included it in our top 10 zombieathon). After that the price is bumping up again to £1.19 for seven day, then going full price after that. So don't delay - slay your zombies today. Check it out:

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