Anyone into their PSP gaming will know of Lumines, a mesmerizing fusion of block-puzzler, rhythm action and light show.

The point of the game is to match blocks of four according to colour, which will only disappear when a moving bar (which is attuned to the particular level and soundtrack) passes over them. As you reach a high enough score the background, music and even the blocks themselves morph into something completely different.

Now it’s been confirmed by Q Entertainment producer James Mielke that Lumines is making its way to iPhone. In truth, we’d probably be happy with a lazy port, but it’s looking like it will be nothing of the sort.

Apparently, the iPhone version will feature brand new skins and music, differentiating it from the PSP (pictured), PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and mobile versions.

It should be released in time for Q Entertainment’s big Lumines marketing push, which will feature price cuts for the Xbox Live and PSN versions.