Demonstrating the importance of listening to your audience, Appy Entertainment has added the most requested feature for its 'bashing famous people up the mush' app FaceFighter - a Bluetooth head2head mode.

It's available as part of the free v2.0 update that's compatible with iPhones and second generation iPod touches.

"We've continuously built on FaceFighter since our release in June," said Appy's project director Emmanuel Valdez. "We've added new enemies, new weapons, and new Immortal Judgment finishing moves. Now, we've added the feature most commonly requested by our fans."

"Our motto has always been, 'If It Has A Face, You Can Fight It'," Valdez added. "Now, the faces you fight aren't limited to the mimes and mutant freaks we've shipped with the game, or the faces on your camera roll. You can fight with anyone who is also armed with an iPhone and a copy of the game. But be careful - even those players who have mastered our toughest AI may find the tables have turned when fighting a live opponent. It's a whole new game."

The full version of FaceFighter is available now for 99c or 59p. Hit the Buy It! button to go direct to the App Store; or click here to get the free Lite version.

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