I probably ought to apologise for getting your hopes up with the title of this news item. Sony has indeed brought the retail price of the PSPgo down from its previous expectation of £229.99 as revealed earlier in the year at E3.

Speaking to VG247 at GamesCom in Cologne, Sony has confirmed the UK recommended retail price for the forthcoming PSP hardware revamp will actually be... wait for it... drum roll please... wallets at the ready... £224.99.

Er, yeah. But let's try and put a more positive spin on this. If you were planning on picking up a PSPgo and intended to buy the highly anticipated Gran Turismo racing game, you can shave another 27 quid off the price by registering your device between the 1st and 10th October to get the full game as a free download.

Unless the download price changes a lot, this at least helps the PSPgo to crack the £200 barrier. Just.

Your thoughts?