Even though Duke Nukem 3D was originally released in 1996, you can see by his flat-top haircut and the fact that he wears shades at night that he's an all out '80s shoot-first-never-ask-questions macho man. Therefore, it's okay that the game's premise revolves around killing everything and scoring with chicks.

What? That's what we did in the '80s.

Anyway, what appears to be a pixel perfect rendition of the original PC game has blasted its way onto the App Store, with over 20 hours of larger than life FPS action and cheeseball humour.

Alas, poor Duke. It seems there's a pretty serious issue with the virtual analogue stick controls. Intended to operate in a similar manner to iDracula or Prey Invasion, complaints are echoing around the blogosphere that the left stick doesn't work.

Rather than sliding, you have to tap it, and even then it's apparently very unresponsive - to the point at which the developer has leapt forward to reassure gamers that a fix is on the way.

"Already talking to the Machineworks guys about the controls. I agree 100% on the comments on the sticks," the original game's designer George Broussard told the TouchArcade forums. But how did it make it out of the door?

"Long story, but I was sort of out of the loop on this and I shouldn't have been. Chalk it up to internal miscommunication," he explains.

That we will, but until the update arrives, proceed into Duke Nukem's 3D world with caution.

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