With over 35 million online games played, Tumblebugs - a version of classic rolling match-3 game Puzz Loop/Zuma/Luxor - is one of those web phenomenons that you just know is going to end up everywhere.

Publisher Connect2Media and developer Tag Games have already done a decent job in terms of the mobile version.

As our reviewer Spanner commented; "You can never have too many Zuma clones, and Tumblebugs exhibits the quality of design that made the original so popular."

And now it's coming to iPhone.

The game will have two modes and 78 levels to play your way through.

Of course, the gameplay revolves around a line of coloured 'bugs' attempting to follow a winding route around a level and bury themselves in the hole at the end.

By shooting more coloured bugs into the rolling train of spherical insects, you aim to create chains of three or more to eliminate them from the string and slow the procession until you've removed all the spheres.

Various power-ups such as wildcard colours, rewinds and fast forwards also help and hinder your progress.

Tumblebugs is due to roll onto the App Store during August.