Toy Bot Diaries appeared on the App Store fairly early on, when everybody was still trying to decide whether the iPhone was a viable gaming platform. In fact, it was one of the games that convinced us that the iPhone is not only viable, but downright exciting.

It was followed by two sequels, making Toy Bot Diaries a three chapter game, but Spy Bot Chronicles is the first spin off. We’ve been eagerly awaiting it since, well, about two weeks ago when we learned of its existence.

Spy Bot Chronicles is a platformer starring a spherical robot. The Toy Bot of the first three games has been kidnapped by Thief Bot, and you, as Spy Bot, have to rescue him. It all looks very pleasant.

Most interestingly, it’s on the App Store for a bargain introductory price of 59p - a now familiar act of pre-emptive peggling to get it into the prime real estate of the Top 100 Apps.

Click ‘Buy It!’ if you want a taste, and stay tuned for our review.