Those famous bubble blowing dragons Bub and Bob are on schedule for their iPhone debut, according to Taito's Facebook page, where an adaptation of 1994's Bust-a-Move has just been officially announced.

Also known as Puzzle Bobble, next to Bubble Bobble this is easily one of Taito's most celebrated games, and it will fit the iPhone's touchscreen perfectly.

Bust-a-Move is one of the most imaginative variations on the match-three gameplay formula, requiring you to shoot coloured bubbles at the top of the screen to match up three or more spheres and eliminate them.

Moreover, it shows Taito is taking the iPhone very seriously, what with rolling out all the big guns like Bust-a-Move and Space Invaders Infinity Gene. All we need now is Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and The New Zealand Story, and all shall be well in the world.

Any more requests for Taito?