Chillingo’s stylishly cute take on the frenetic twin-stick shooter, Minigore, is out now on the App Store for an impulse buy-baiting 59p. The game involves you, as block-headed survivalist John Gore, mowing down waves of sharp-toothed ‘Furries’ and legging it before you get overwhelmed.

The game’s controlled by two virtual analogue sticks - one to move and one to shoot - rather like another popular Chillingo title, iDracula.

Tracy was more than a little concerned that the game lacked depth when he went hands on with Mingore at the beginning of the month, but developer Mountain Sheep appears to have added a few new types of weaponry - a double-barrelled shotgun and an exploding booby trap - and an online leaderboard to give the game legs.

Mountain Sheep is also promising a co-operative multiplayer mode, additional levels and an unlockable playable character in future updates. Look out for our verdict soon.

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