IUGO's Toy Bot Diaries have been some of the App Store's most consistently popular series, with three full-sized games and a freebie version lighting up the world's iPhones.

A new addition to the series is now gearing up for release, in the shape of a spin-off platformer called Spy Bot Chronicles. The game is set in the same universe as Toy Bot, in which the star of the first games has been kidnapped by the nefarious Thief Bot.

Stepping into the eponymous role of Spy Bot, it's up to you to navigate the realm of 2D platform levels using the Bot's ability to 'hack' the world around him, changing it to suit his needs during the rescue mission. The game will evidently make use of more traditional D-pad controls rather than the accelerometer, as with the previous games.

IUGO promises a pretty mammoth game, about the equal of Toy Bot Diaries 1, 2 and 3 combined, packed with collectibles, hidden levels and a handful of new enemies.

No news on an expected release date as yet, though judging by the screenies, Spy Bot Chronicles must be close to finished. Watch this space.