Most of you use your mobile phone to contact friends and loved ones. Even when you’ve got nobody to contact, however, you can still have an active social life with your portable pal.

Desperate Housewives lets you spend virtual boardgame time with the cast of the popular TV show, while Miami Nights: Singles in the City thrusts you into a bustling social scene and challenges you to become the most popular boy or girl in Miami.

Both games feature a character with the unusual name of Bree, but that’s not all they’ve got in common. They’re both 99p all this week, and so are the following…

Bubble Ducky
Bubble Popper Deluxe
Cafe Domino
Cafe Sudoku
Mini Golf Castles
Mini Golf Castles 3D
NBA Pro Basketball 2009
Asphalt 3 Street Rules
Golden Balls
Asphalt 3: Street Rules 3D
Desperate Housewives
Miami Nights: Singles in the City
Paris Hilton Diamond Quest
Pro Golf 2007 feat. Vijay Singh Gameloft
Wonder Blocks
Football Party
Platinum Kakuro
Pile Up