Spanner's invention of Peggling(TM) as a term for an App Store 99c sale to drive chart position has worked so well, I think we're probably due another meme.

Something along the lines of 'Update & Lite'.

Not quite so catchy is it, but that's the preferred option for many publishers, especially if their game's already priced at 99c/59p.

It's a move that Connect2Media has just accomplished for its enjoyable 'I'm a fireman game', Go! Go! Rescue Squad!

The update remedies all known issues, and revamps several key elements such as the control method and some of the harsh difficulty spikes.

There's also support for the 3.0 OS-required playback of your own music and emailing from within the app.

Maybe that should be a '3.0, Update & Lite'?

As for the game, our reviewer Keith said it was; "the kind of puzzle pack that can grip your mind for hours on end," while Connect2Media reckons it will appeal to fans of classic puzzlers such as Lemmings and Lost Vikings.

You can find out for yourself, but hitting the Buy It! button to go direct to the App Store. Or get the free Lite version with this link.