It's obviously the day for Need for Speed announcements, so as well as the November release date for Need for Speed NITRO, we've been informed about Scalextric's Need for Speed racing sets.

With the car decoration schemes designed by the development team at Black Box studio, in Vancouver, there will be two set-ups available.

Costing £100, the Need for Speed Scalextric is a 1:32 scale set features the Lamborghini Gallardo versus Nissan 350Z, over 5m of track and includes a flying leap.

Costing £40, the Need for Speed MicroScalextric is a 1:64 set featuring two Nissan 350Z street cars and five alternative layout options.

Due out in July, in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, the Nordic region, Spain and the UK, you can find out more information and order the sets from the official website at Scalextric Need for Speed.