When we got our hands on some of the early tracks of Need for Speed NITRO back in April, we enjoyed our experience of racing across the US-Mexican border being followed by the highway patrol.

We hope the game is a return to form for a series that has lost its way when it comes to the handheld releases.

We also enjoyed NITRO’s tagging elements.

As you're racing around the various tracks, you'll regularly come across Sonic-esque gold rings slowly spinning on the track. Run into them and you'll automatically tag the world in your car's colour and graffiti design.

It's a neat feature as the whole screen flashes with colour whenever you or the other racers collect the rings. Tagging becomes a objective in its own right in some of the races, too, which will require you to tag certain parts of the track in order to make progress.

And now EA has announced the game will be released globally on the 17th November, although that's a Tuesday and in the UK games are generally released on a Friday. In which case, we'll assume that we'll be able to get our fix of DS racing action on 20th November.