Apple has announced that it sold 5.2 million iPhones in the second quarter of this year, helping it to an impressive financial performance.

That's up a stunning 626 per cent from the 717,000 iPhones it sold in Q2 last year, although that was when people were holding onto their wallets and waiting for the iPhone 3G to launch in July.

Apple also sold 10.2 million iPods in Q2 this year, which includes iPod touches, but also other members of the iPod family like the nano and shuffle.

That's actually down 7 per cent year-on-year, which may indicate that more people are shifting music listening to their mobile handsets (iPhones or not) from their iPods.

The company recently announced that it has more than 40 million App Store capable iPhones and iPod touches out there in the wild, and just passed 1.5 billion downloads from the store.

The money side? Apple made $8.34 billion in revenues and posted a net profit of $1.23 billion for the quarter. Not bad going at all, given the credit crunch.

CEO Steve Jobs popped up to trumpet the company's performance. "We’re making our most innovative products ever and our customers are responding," he said.