Considering its status as an effectively Japanese-only attempt to standardise computers during the 1980s, it's perhaps surprising anyone in the West continues to be interested in the MSX and its games.

Still, if that's your thing, retro games company D4 Enterprise is continuing to roll out versions of some of those classic/old games onto the App Store.

At the end of last year, it released the shoot-'em up Aleste (aka Power Strike on Sega's Master System and Game Gear), while the Choplifter-esque Eggy for MSX was spun out as a free app in March 2009.

Now it seems even more obscure titles will soon be with us. These include;

Chima Chima, which was the winning title in publisher Bothtec's first programming contest. It's a maze game that consists of nine levels and has you moving around a little Cyclops character called Chima Chima, who has to fight ghosts with fire in a Bomberman-like scenario.

Relics, which is another game from Bothtec. In this horizontal- scrolling platform game, you'll wander around as a spirit that uses the bodies of others to get past the many obstacles and enemies you'll encounter.

And Nyan Puzzle, originally from publisher Compile, which is a puzzle game in which you play as a cute little cat trying to destroy all the yellow balloons in the playing field. Eight different cats and 40 levels are available.

As yet Chima Chima, Relics and Nyan Puzzle don't appear to be live on the App Store, but Eggy for MSX (free) and Aleste ($4.99 or £2.99) are. Hit the Buy It! button to go direct to Aleste.