It's been a couple of weeks since UK developer Strange Flavour and US publisher Freeverse deployed their army game Grunts into the battlefield that is the 99c/59p sector of the App Store.

Now it's getting its first batch of reinforcements in the shape of a 1.0.1 update.

This includes a mixture of additions, improvements, feedback requests and big fixes.

Significantly though, it also rewards those early birds who bought the original 1.0 release with a special In A Tank mode that won't be available to those johnny come latelies who buy the 1.0.1 version until the next update.

As for those improvement bullet points (bullet - see what we did there?)...

When equipped with grenades and or a bazooka, you can just double tap on a pillbox or tank to automatically target it, rather than having to tap the secondary weapon button as before.

The Hurry Up artillery bombardment is no longer deadly unless you're in Nnnaarrgh mode. Getting caught in it will decrease your score dramatically though.

Easy and Normal modes have three continue points at key parts of the campaign mode, so you can restart from them albeit with zero score.

The tutorial level has a shortcut so that after you've used it to learn how to play the game, you can run through it quickly and still score points.

Tap/Move time has been adjusted so that you can tap and release for the squad to go to that location without having to hold your finger down.

The Mission Select mode has a new mission selection menu.

There's an option to switch from right handed to left handed play, plus you can lock screen rotation to portrait or landscape in situations where auto-rotate isn't desirable

You can disable online functionality such as high score posting/reading for iPhone users who don't have a data plan.

Details of top secret hidden musical instrument have been leaked on the web.

And finally, high score posting, all levels unlocking before being completed, sound volume issues, minor scoring glitches have been fixed.

So onwards to victory.