Like any creative gardener, the good game designer is interested in genetic engineering. Cuttings from one species can sometimes be neatly slotted into another to create something new. How else would we get the loganberry (raspberry meets blackberry) or peppermint (spearmint meets water mint)?

Of course, sometimes the results are truly inedible but in the case of match-3 meets cute avatar customisation and item collection game Puzzlings, which has just launched onto the App Store, we're hopeful something tasty may arise.

The game - a colourful experience set in the world of Wardrobia - will see you playing through the Bejeweled Twist-style puzzle elements to unlock different costumes for your avatar. Indeed, we're informed there will be 100 million possible combinations.

In turn, you'll then want to send screenshots of your little fella in various Wardrobian settings to your friends via Facebook, email and the like. A virtuous circle will then commence. At least, that’s the plan.

See how it plays out in video form here.

Or check out the virtual clothes line now by hitting the Buy It! button. Puzzlings is available now, priced $2.99 or £1.79.