Glu has been making full and uncensored use of its Facebook page this week, sneaking out furtive, teasing glimpses of its forthcoming iPhone intentions.

Chief among them (for this juvenile, easily amused writer, anyway) is an iPhone adaptation of Seth MacFarlane's second family of TV, the Griffins.

Screenshots of an iPhone version of Family Guy: Uncensored are all that Glu's giving away at the moment, but compared to the rather squinty mobile game this one at least packs in some beautifully recognisable graphics.

Also on Glu's Face are comic fighting game Super KO Boxing and surreal amphibian racer Alley Gator (which looks like something of an amphibian take on WipEout). Marvellous.

Now, where's The Simpsons iPhone game? Yeah, that's right. I went there.