This unique DS game is already creating quite a stir, despite the fact that it won't be released until around October. It's already won the official E3 best original game award, and its bizarre physics/puzzle-based gameplay and 2-D visuals have really captured the attention of jaded DS gamers the world over.

French website Gamekult has just posted some new screenshots, a preview and video footage of Scribblenauts in action, which shows how you’ll be able to pull almost any object from the cartoony ether and put it to use in solving both of the action and puzzle levels.

Scribblenauts works by inputting text into the system, then using the objects in the game invents from your strange ideas. From what we've seen, this can involve summoning werewolves, riding in roflcopters and chopping up the zombies with a chainsaw. Lots of games claim to only be limited by your imagination, but for once this might actually be the case.

Being a French website, Gamekult was particularly interested in the quality of the game’s localisation, seeing as how the gameplay hinges entirely the system being able to understand what you're typing in. By all accounts, it does a pretty splendid job.

You can check out the new Scribblenauts videos here. They’re in French, but try not to hold that against them.

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