When we first discovered Facebook game Bumper Stars last year, we lost several days (if not weeks) of our working life addicted to its charms.

Now developer Press OK Entertainment has brought the game to iPhone, so you can see why it hooked us so hard.

So what is it? Well, Press OK describe it as "a completely unique mash-up of pool, pinball and bumping beavers". Yes, the toothy tree-munching kind.

You have to fire your beaver-shaped ball around the screen, collecting fruit while bouncing off bumpers. As you play, you earn points to spend on new balls, arenas and food packs.

The iPhone version of the game uses Facebook Connect to tie back into the original version, meaning you're trying to outscore your Facebook friends, and can take them on in direct challenges. They even appear within the game as bumpers.

We've been waiting for Bumper Stars to hit the App Store, as it deserves to be a monster hit. Check it out.