Some word wars are fought long and hard. Worthy opponents are duelled with, mental gymnastics are engaged in and gruelling face offs are mutually endured.

This week's QuoteStar wiped the floor with everyone, however, winning by an interstellar mile. While discussing the likelihood of the Grand Theft Auto series coming to the iPhone, in the comments thread for the 'Grand Theft Auto for iPhone?' story last week (which we now know pertains to Gameloft's Gangstar: West Coast Hustle), Pakman171175 made this adorable quip:

"I have a dream. Grand Theft Auto - London, with the ability to hijack black cabs, and big red double deckers. Also, run into Houses of Parliament and Number 10, and start shooting while they fill in their expense claims. "It'll top the UK game charts instantly"

We're sure it would, if it wasn't banned before it was released. Either way, you are this week's winner Pakman171175 and your anarchic comments have earned you a £5 iTunes gift voucher - well done!

Other choice comments came not individually, but collectively in two debates. The first, concerning iPhone vs iPod touch pricing erupted in the 'Apple testing new iPod touch' comments thread.

The other was in the 'App Store is "a great democracy for quality"' story, where some of our readers got to discussing the business ethics of games journalism.

Another iPhone heavy week, then. If that's not to your liking, then you're the only one who can change it. If you have a bee in your bonnet about some burning pocket gaming issues, or you just want to use your wit and sharp intellect to net £5 worth of iTunes vouchers, you can comment on the forums or the main site simply by registering here.

Well done again to Pakman171175 and good luck to the rest of you for next week.