Finnish developer RedLynx made its name with Pathway to Glory and Reset Generation on N-Gage, but is now also developing for iPhone - most recently with innovative top-down title DrawRace.

CEO Tero Virtala says Apple's handset is a big step up for mobile gaming, although he's keen not to kick N-Gage by comparison.

"The differences are big. Compared to any mobile platform, iPhone has been not been a step forward, but a giant leap to next dimension," he says, while stressing that N-Gage had several good features.

"You can see great things done also in N-Gage for the gamers that are still missing from iPhone, like the points-system and solid community which was built, and kept on building around the games."

Virtala says RedLynx has had ideas for 'drawing-type' games for a few years, but it wasn't until the release of Flight Control for iPhone that the company realised it could put them into practice.

DrawRace uses a similar control mechanic to Firemint's game, as players have to draw the racing line for their car using their finger.

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