A whole new web page has suddenly appeared on the net called www.coming-on-iphone.com, which features nothing more than an embedded video with an iPhone bezel around it.

The video shows some high-octane CGI footage of a bank heist followed by an action-packed car chase as the fuzz speed after the fleeing robbers.

A brief top-down view of the chase smacks heavily of a GTA: Chinatown Wars aesthetic, and while it's probably a little too early to speculate, it's not impossible that we're seeing the first teaser trailer of a new iPhone GTA chapter - a rumour Pocket Gamer heard floating on the breeze at Leipzig last year.

This is just educated guess work at the moment, but we've got our feelers out to bring you more solid info as it appears. In the meantime, have a look at the video and give us your thoughts on the subject.