O2 is launching a whizzy new interactive 3D game! Except, er, you play it with a cinema, not a mobile phone.

It's called Asteroid Storm, and will be launched in 20 Vue cinemas around the UK from 10th July.

It'll involve piloting a spaceship that's speeding through an asteroid belt. The cinema audience 'steer' the ship by waving their hands in the air.

(Presumably the ensuing hail of popcorn adds to the realistic feel of the asteroid storm)

The game will be played before films like Ice Age 3 3D, G-Force, Up, and Toy Story 3D. Meanwhile, O2 will have other interactive games for cinemagoers to play in the foyets, including Wac-a-roid.

We're not sure if this is all in aid of promoting mobile phone games, or O2 more generally. Still, it sounds fun.