It seems Bejeweled Blitz has been a big hit on Facebook. PopCap revealed the five million figure today as the game came out of its six-month beta period.

More than a billion game sessions have been served, and, interestingly, 75 per cent of the game's players are women. It sees people playing one-minute rounds of Bejeweled Twist and competing with their friends to get the highest score.

"The social nature of the game felt like the missing link," says PopCap's head of online and social projects John Vechey. "Playing Bejeweled on your own was always fun, but playing with and against family and friends takes it to another level."

PopCap is staying tight-lipped on any plans to take its other games, including mobile hits Chuzzle, Bookworm and Peggle, to Facebook. If they do, we may not get any work done ever again...