No, I don't mean Apple are working on a radar attachment for the iPhone (although that'd be sweet - fighter pilots need phones too), but on the official iPod touch 3.0 page, 'third-party game accessories' are being used to punt the paid-for update.

There are no details on exactly what form these accessories will take, or what's in the works, but it's interesting to see Apple get behind the concept so publicly.

That said, of course, the iPod touch doesn't have Bluetooth, so it seems like a strange thing for Apple to advertise there. God forbid a new hardware rumour leak out about APPLE HINTS AT IMMINENT IPOD TOUCH HARDWARE UPDATE WITH BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY!!!

Well quite. It was the Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth mobile game controller working with the iPhone that got us excited the other day, but it'd take some serious jiggery-pokery to sort that one on the iPod touch. Let's hope a wi-fi version is in development.