PopCap might have started something with its fire sale of Peggle the other day, which you can read more about in our exclusive interview right here.

Game designer Luc Bernard is giving the same tactic a try with his new strategy game Mecho Wars this weekend. The price has just dropped to £0.59 ($0.99) over on the App Store, and will be going back up to its usual £2.99 on Monday.

This sales strategy has worked wonders for Peggle, shunting it to the top of Apple's highly desirable top 100 list thanks to the sudden attention of iPhone and iPod touch bargain hunters.

If the same marketing ploy works for Mecho Wars, a whole new type of sales war could well erupt each weekend on the App Store (with sales drying up during the week?), but who can blame developers for aiming to shunt their game to the top of that vital list by any means necessary.

By the way, you heard the phrase 'Peggle sale' here on Pocket Gamer first. We feel it could catch on.

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