Mafia-based online multiplayer RPGs are big business these days, especially on platforms like the iPhone and Facebook. Now the virtual Don has introduced Google's Android system to its family with the release of Moblyng's m:Mafia.

“With the release of m:Mafia on Android and other platforms, Moblyng Games just went from being a wise guy to the new boss of the social gaming family,” says CEO and founder Stewart Putney. “Crime family games are extremely popular with social gamers, and we are excited to be the first publisher to bring the Mafia entertainment experience to Android users. Now social gamers across Android, iPhone, Facebook, and other platforms can connect and play with more of their friends than ever before.”

m:Mafia follows a similar format to other MMOs, in which players start out at the bottom of the crime family ladder and work their way up the henchmen chain by doing jobs and recruiting new goons.

The game is free to play, but allows gamers to purchase in-game currency (known as 'favours') to give themselves a boost.

Yet what really makes m:Mafia stand out from the rest of the online crime syndicates is its cross-platform nature, enabling players to form crews, earn for the family and put a hit on anyone, regardless of how they play the game.