Our review of Car Jack Streets was very favourable when it came to the game's superb sandbox style and intensive gameplay, but wasn't too enamoured with the clumsy, awkward controls.

But TAG Games came directly to the Pocket Gamer readers and promised an update to cure any initial difficulties, and it seems that update has now arrived.

Chief among the fixes TAG has made is the addition of a steering wheel controller, which we've been testing out this afternoon. The rotational nature of the controller makes for a much smoother and far more organic driving system, we're very pleased to report, so get your App Store updates running.

When running, the steering wheel switches automatically to the D-pad, which seems to work very nicely.

Version 1.1 also introduces the Sports Utility Tank, a helicopter, the ability to carry more than one weapon at a time and more options to pay Frankie back by taking out the hit men who come to 'foreclose' on the deal.

And as if this wasn't enough good news, TAG Games has extended the special offer a short while longer as the 1.1 update sinks in, so if you've not taken the plunge yet, get on over to the App Store for a criminal bargain.

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