Although much of the sci-fi world's attention is turned toward the box office and Terminator Salvation, Big Head Games and Dark Horse Comics have teamed up to take on the future in their own Terminator game.

The Terminator follows the story of the original 1984 movie, in which Kyle Reese travels back in time to save Sarah Connor and her unborn son from the ultimate flesh-covered killing machine.

“We are extremely excited to be bringing one of the world’s top movie and game franchises to the iPhone/Ipod touch," say Big Head Games's Dave Vout. "Combining Dark Horse Comics's extensive catalogue of material and our game development expertise has been a great experience and opportunity that we hope to continue long into the future.”

The game appears to borrow heavily from the iDracula style of top-down shooter, and involves a similar array of increasingly powerful weapons as the T-800s and Hunter/Killers chase you down.

Dark Horse Comics is no stranger to either the Terminator franchise or the iPhone, already having a series of digital comics based on Arnie's manic machine on the App Store.

“From the very beginning, Dark Horse has always provided fans with a top notch entertainment experience, whether in comics, on screen, or most recently, on the iPhone," explains Dark Horse Comics president Mike Richardson. "We feel our relationship with Big Head Games will do just that for fans of both The Terminator and mobile gaming.”

The Terminator is currently going through Apple's time displacement system, and should be back on the App Store very soon.

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