The fourth part of the first Terminator trilogy is just around the corner, with cockney barrow boy Christian Bale taking on the role of Sarah Connor’s grown-up unborn son. Gameloft has rolled out the official game of the movie on the App Store to celebrate.

Taking on the style of a third-person shooter, the game lets you join the human resistance against Skynet (despite it having been destroyed twice in advance by paradoxical means) as John himself or his right hand man Marcus Wright, with John’s unknowing younger dad, Kyle Reece, at your side.

You know, I never realised how complicated the time-travelling Terminator series had become. It doesn’t make sense any more, does it? (It never did - ed).

Well anyway, Tracy’s already danced with the murderous endoskeletons of the Terminator squad on his self-aware iPhone, and actually Terminator Salvation sounds as though it makes for a pretty exciting thrill-ride of a game. Which it had better, seeing as it weighs in at £5.99.

At that price, we won’t be back if it turns out to be a duffer. Give us your thoughts.

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