Week-by-week Nintendo continues to roll out its first wave of DSiWare games. Most recently in Europe we got access to A Little Bit of... Dr Mario and A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun Funny Face. As their titles suggest, both of these are small cutdown version of larger (and in the case of Dr Mario much older) Nintendo games.

And the latest announcement from Nintendo America suggests that this salami-slice approach to the DSi Shop will continue - welcome to Animal Crossing Calculator and Animal Crossing Clock.

Guess what? Both these are themed applications based around a couple of basic functions already included on the DSi but now extended with extra abilities.

The Animal Crossing Calculator is - ahem - a calculator, with unit conversion options such as length, weight, volume and time. You can also turn on the Animalese pronunciation of numbers when you press them, and watch for Animal Crossing characters to appear when your result meets certain criteria.

The Animal Crossing Clock comes in both digital and analog versions, plus three alarm options. You can make your own Town Tune or use sounds created with the DSi's Sound application and assign them to different alarms. Once again, characters from Animal Crossing will appear and the colour of the sky will change as time passes.

Both Animal Crossing Calculator and Clock are available for 200 Nintendo Points ($2) in the US now, and presumably in Europe at sometime in the future for £1.80/€2.