Dropping bombs on people isn't a very nice thing to do in reality, but placed within a cartoon art style and triggered by a big red touchscreen button the activity appears to have a certain charm.

At least, that's our first experience of Bombs Away, CobraMobile's latest chunk-sized bite of App Store-targeted fun.

It's a top-down button-presser based loosely around the events of the 1943 Pacific Air War. Basically you fly over the top of enemy bases and ships, frantically pressing your big red button in order to drop comedy bombs on everything beneath.

Of course, the difficulty factor comes with timing your aerial assault on those targets below. Stationary ones are relatively easy to hit but moving ships are more tricky as you have to deal with the relative movement between it and you.

There will also be multiple mission objectives to handle, while the enemy will be doing its best to put you off your aim with its anti-aircraft fire and your arsenal of bombs will be limited too.

You can get a better idea how the game works, particularly the neat art and audio from the following video.

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Bombs Away is due to be out for iPhone and iPod touch during May.

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