In an interview with, Simon Oliver has been understandably singing the praises of the iPhone and describing the period leading up to the release of the enormously successful Rolando.

Singled out for particular praise is the App Store. “The thing about the iPhone,” he says, “is that the distribution is phenomenally good as well - the cut that Apple takes is great, and is so streamlined. You compare it to WiiWare, or even XBLA, it's such a streamlined process. You can do it via computer, via your phone, it's very easy and the automatic updating system is just fantastic.”

Music to Apple’s ears, no doubt, even if the tune is by now a familiar one. Sony and Nintendo are likely to be less gratified, however.

“I think there's a certain amount of response from guys like Sony and Nintendo to this,” Oliver goes on, “and there are rumours of what's going to be on PSP 2 in terms of digital downloads, plus there's the DSi and DSWare, WiiWare, etc.

“But I think Apple's placed so far ahead, there's going to have to be a rapid reaction from the others.”

The unflattering comparison comes just days after former Sony man Sebastian Rubens stuck one to his erstwhile employer by telling it what it needs: "a better SDK – iPhone's is better."

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