Oh you just can't not make up these headlines; at least I can't help it.

So, after much hand wringing on my part over the lack of both the quality and the quantity of the download-only releases via the DSi Shop, Nintendo Europe has rolled out its first post-launch update.

This consists of one game, Mixed Messages from publisher Activision.

It's certainly an interesting title being a multiplayer-only version of the party game Chinese Whispers, or as the description in the DSi Shop has it; a "wacky game of confused communication" and "hilarious fun".

How it works is that one player writes down a phrase, or you can get the game to make up a random statement, then passes the DSi over to another player. They have to draw a picture of the phrase, in turn passing the DSi to the next player, who writes down what they think the original phrase is based on the picture. This alternating words and pictures process continues until you've run out of players. The maximum is 21.

Obviously, by the end, the original phrase has been completely mangled, probably replaced either by hugely libellous, sexually explicit or generally juvenile comment. Cue much laughter from the assembled host.

You can check it out yourself now from the DSi Shop for the princely sum of 500 Nintendo Points (£4.50, €5, $5).