To be quite honest, the scientific studies that have been carried out on brain training games haven’t been all that conclusive. Generally they seem to suggest that, at best, some people showed improvements while others didn’t notice any difference.

But whenever you ask someone who’s been pumping a few neurons with a pocket game, they invariable feel like they've made some significant headway (that’s a ‘pun’) in the cultivation of rational thought.

Video games might encourage us to sit around, physically inactive, but surely there’s no denying that a well made game encourages cerebral activity. Who hasn’t found themselves out of breath after a vigorous bout on a shooting or fighting game? Or thoroughly energised after a high speed chase in a racing game?

And whether their effects are lasting or not, brain trainers give you an undeniable cerebral work out, so we thought we’d take a look at a these 100% Brain Games to give your mind a good spring clean.

The 100% Brain Games

Cranium (EA Mobile)
Test all four corners of your brain in Cranium. Find out if you're a Creative Cat, Data Head, Word Worm or Star Performer in this brand new mobile version of the smash hit boardgame. You have over 300 fun-filled puzzle challenges on your way to the grand finale on Planet Cranium. Wherever your skills lie, Cranium will help you shine and discover the talents you never knew you had.
Cranium mobile game
KENKEN Train Your Brain (Capcom)
Described as Sudoku with a brain, KENKEN is the new number puzzle sensation seen in The Times and Daily Mail. Featuring hundreds of puzzles for both beginners and experts alike, KENKEN will give you hours of brain training puzzle fun.
KENKEN Train Your Brain mobile game
More Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima (Namco Bandai)
More Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima, introduces a new and improved range of games, scientifically proven to test and stimulate your brain. Follow the daily training programme and evaluate your brain age. Multiple puzzles and mini games make this the most anticipated brain game on mobile. Read the More Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima review
More Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima mobile game
Einstein's Mind Twister (Disney)
Einstein's Mind Twister tests both your left and right brain to create cool contraptions with a variety of tools and gadgets. Apply your genius in stunning environments with a little help from old Einstein himself when you get stumped. Read the Einstein's Mind Twister review
Einstein's Mind Twister mobile game
Brain Genius 2 (Glu)
Brain Genius 2 rewards players with an advanced personal profile system that lets you compare performance with friends and upload your Genius rating to the online Leaderboard. Featuring unique exercises, bonus games but also camera capture and touchscreen support, this aims to be most complete and innovative brain training game ever. Is it pure Genius? Read the Brain Genius 2 review
Brain Genius 2 mobile game
Common Knowledge Quiz (Gameloft)
Answer a series of questions covering typical matters from your everyday life and increase your proficiency in areas such as art, history, science, nature, society and logic. This game is sure to make you smarter, regardless of your age, education or cultural background! Read the Common Knowledge Quiz review
Common Knowledge Quiz mobile game
Platinum Sudoku (Gameloft)
With its simple yet challenging rules, Sudoku has become a huge success. Your goal is to fill in a 9x9 grid with numbers from 1 to 9 so that each column, row, and 3x3 square contains every number once and only once. Read the Platinum Sudoku review
Platinum Sudoku mobile game
Scrabble Mobile (Real Arcade)
After 60 years of popularity with millions of players worldwide, Scrabble goes mobile with an all-new version. Challenge up to 3 virtual opponents in traditional Scrabble or build your vocabulary in Solitaire Mode. Scrabble Quick Play arrives for the first time on the mobile, allowing you to maximise your score for 4 sets of 7 letters. Get the real Scrabble experience on the go! Read the Scrabble Mobile review
Scrabble Mobile mobile game
AMA Memory Booster (AMA)
Dont we all want to have a great memory and remember that key information we need on a daily basis, like names, faces, phone numbers, dates of birth or our grocery lists? AMA Memory Booster will do just that with colour, music and animations. Three challenging memory exercises, daily tips as well as easy mnemonic techniques for both every day use and exams will take your memory to the next level. Read the AMA Memory Booster review
AMA Memory Booster mobile game
Sherlock Holmes (I-play)
It is up to you to clear up the mystery surrounding the strange death of Lord Montcalfe. This is a new mystery, featuring both a curse and a family matter, in which you must use your sense of logic and acuteness to find clues and avoid pitfalls. It is up to you to discover the murderer and disclose the truth!
Sherlock Holmes mobile game
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