Konami’s seen massive handheld success with its Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, picking up Silver after Gold Award on the mobile, as well as turning up on PSP (although it's not managed to be as consistent on the DS, for some reason). The portable series began way back in 2005, and its 2010 season has just been announced.

Konami insists it’s spent a lot of time since PES 2009 listening to feedback on the series’ strengths and weaknesses via fan forums, from both ardent and casual PES players and from the media, and has incorporated a wide range of requests in the new game.

It’s also expanded the Tokyo-based development team, and promises to provide key improvement to all aspects of the football simulator along with a host of new features.

There’s been no mobile or PSP specific talk about PES 2010 yet, though we did happen to notice it’s not coming to the DS this time. Probably just as well, though it’s got to be a kick in the shins for Nintendo what with it just releasing the DSi.

PES 2010 is due for an autumn release this year, so get your Pro Evo scarves out of the bottom drawer.

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