Here’s a semantic question for you. Why do we play racing games?

Is it the cool cars? The high speeds? The prestige? The thrill of the chase?

Yeah, it’s kind of all these things, but when it really comes down to it, it’s the potential for massively entertaining destruction. Crashing a car is the reason driving fast (in games, of course) is so much fun.

If you couldn’t accidentally plough through a barrier, pile headlong into another vehicle and, in some extreme cases, mow down pedestrians, racing games would be no fun at all.

This all sounds very violent and socially unacceptable, but ultimately, that’s the whole point. The Jack Thompsons of the world only need to look at racing games to see how this form of contemporary entertainment is the perfect escapism – it’s a way we live out brutal fantasies without apology, and can walk away from them without feeling any old fashioned Catholic guilt.

This only really happens with racing games. Fighting games and first-person shooters can, in some cases, leave us feeling as though we’ve indulged a dark side, while racing games, as rife with wonderful destruction as they are, let us play, crash, kill and maim without remorse. Hurrah.

So let’s take a look at these 100% Pole Position driving games that keep us sane through excessive, wonderfully entertaining escapism.

The 100% Pole Position

Top Gear - The Mobile Game (Gameloft)
Be chased by an Apache, enter the TG space race and try to beat Granny to the finish line. Play car football, see how far you can catapult caravans and bendy buses, powerslide your way around a closed road in the Stelvio Pass. All this is of course accompanied by helpful quotes from Jeremy.
Top Gear - The Mobile Game mobile game
Need for Speed Undercover (EA Mobile)
Hit the gas to race against ruthless gangs running an International crime ring. But watch your back. The thugz aren't your only enemies. Win races to gain street cred and fill your garage with killer cars, like the Porsche 911. Reach the finish line first in circuit races. Bust up the city in bounty challenges. Show your skillz for a shot at gang leaders. Choose between Career or Quick Race mode. Brakes are optional in Need for Speed Undercover. Read the Need for Speed Undercover review
Need for Speed Undercover mobile game
Car Jack Streets (I-Play)
The city streets are full of opportunity but danger lurks around every corner. Car Jack Streets brings a huge city to life on your mobile like never before. You can go anywhere, drive any vehicle you want, use various weapons to meet your objectives and take on both legal and illegal jobs to make money. Read the Car Jack Streets review
Car Jack Streets mobile game
DAKAR Rally 2009 (EA Mobile)
Battle it out with your competitors as you head for Buenos Aires at breakneck speeds over the wide open spaces of this majestic landscape. Let them eat dirt in this recreation of the world's ultimate rally! There is only one Dakar. There can be only one winner.
DAKAR Rally 2009 mobile game
Demolition Derby (Glu)
Compete against a selection of testosterone-fuelled drivers who are out to get you in this high octane racing game! Play against up to eight cars racing on tracks barely big enough for one or fight in overheated arenas until all opponents are completely wrecked. The rules are simple: the last car running wins the prize! Read the Demolition Derby review
Demolition Derby mobile game
Crash Car Mania (EA Mobile)
Perform death defying challenges and put your life on the line in Crash Car Mania. Wow the crowds by launching your driver through 15 levels of steep drops, jump ramps, explosive bouncers and burning rings of fire. Use your skills to link over-the-top combos, handle different vehicles, and navigate your way through the stunt riddled course. Read the Crash Car Mania review
Crash Car Mania mobile game
Moto GP 08 (I-play)
The advanced motorbike racing game engine will let you take on the role as one of the most fearless and skilful motorbike riders on the planet. The advanced physics of the bike makes it easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Moto GP 08 is the ultimate simulation that will plunge you into the thrilling world of this top-tier motorbike series. Read the Moto GP 08 review
Little Britain mobile game
Fast & Furious (I-play)
Blast across the streets of LA and floor it through the Mexican desert in the only official mobile game of the ultimate chapter from the Fast & Furious franchise. Test your driving skills in four different modes, including drift racing, point-to-point racing, drag racing and GPS racing. Be ready to lose your ride, or win up to 32 different cars. Pure driving action guaranteed! Read the Fast & Furious review
Fast & Furious mobile game
Asphalt 4: Elite Racing (Gameloft)
Face the world's richest drivers in high-speed races through traffic. Choose from ten dream cars and bikes from the world's most prestigious manufacturers, such as Ferrari and Bugatti, and zoom through the streets of Monte Carlo, New York, Shanghai, Paris, Dubai, and Beverly Hills to impose your style. Check your rides in your own garage and then spend millions to tune them. Read the Asphalt 4: Elite Racing review
Asphalt 4: Elite Racing mobile game
Death Race (Gameloft)
Become the ultimate Death Race driver in the official mobile game of the movie. Face challenging gameplay featuring a mix of shooting and racing. Seven armed cars are at your disposal, each with a different play style, all packed with a wide arsenal of devastating weaponry. Read the Death Race review
Death Race mobile game
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