Despite the excessive talky bits, Assassin’s Creed was a smashing game on the super consoles, and although it didn’t really lend itself to the DS, its mobile adaptations fared quite well.

Gameloft doesn’t necessarily agree, as it told Joystiq at this year’s GDC that the mobile platform is “getting old and dry”, despite both the standard and HD versions of Assassin’s Creed mobile bagging themselves Silver Awards. That said, we’re still pretty excited that Altair’s next escapade will be on the iPhone.

The game wasn’t on show at GDC as hoped, due to development difficulties, but is apparently on schedule for release around the end of April, beginning of May.

Seeing as it’s evidently getting a bit tired of the mobile, it’s good news that Gameloft is apparently looking to work more closely with its gaming brother Ubisoft (literal brother , in this case) on more cross platform titles.

Is the mobile getting old and dry? Answers on a postcard.

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