What’s really weird about poker is that so many of us are aware of it, entirely familiar with how it works, and use references to it in everyday speech, yet very few of us ever actually sit around a table and throw chips at each other’s stony countenances.

But poker’s not what it once was. There’s still that image of Wild Bill Hickok sitting around a table with a bunch of nervous cowpokes with his back to the door, but that’s really not the card playing scene anymore.

Poker has become a recognised, multi-functional scoring system. The mechanics of a poker game can vary wildly, from dice to match-three games, but the use of a full house, flush, straight or matched pairs is universally known. Not only this, but there’s no need to explain the value of a poker hand, since it’s become accepted that three of a kind beats a pair, and that a full house beats three of a kind.

So it’s no wonder that we get so many games that fit into our 100% Poker Night, yet don’t necessarily have to be just another card game. So get your face on and make sure you don’t have your back to the door, then join us round the table for a few rounds of 100% Poker Night.

So let’s take a look at some of the best examples of pocket board gaming.

The 100% Poker Night

World Poker Tour: Texas Hold 'Em (Hands-On)
Enjoy the high-stakes, high-energy brand of exciting poker revolutionised by the World Poker Tour television series. Take down the competition and win all the chips in the hottest place to play poker - the World Poker Tour Texas Hold 'Em tables. Bet your chips any time you want in this challenging simulation of Texas Hold 'Em and experience authentic poker action at its best! Read the World Poker Tour: Texas Hold 'em review
World Poker Tour: Texas Hold 'Em mobile game
PokerMillion 2009: The Bluff (Player One)
PokerMillion 3 is the next evolution in the cutting edge mobile game series based on the illustrious PokerMillion tournament and Sky Sports television event. Immerse yourself in the underworld world of high stakes poker, as you struggle to find your lost brother in the fast paced, story driven, film noir rendered world. Read the PokerMillion 2009: The Bluff review
PokerMillion 2009: The Bluff mobile game
Pokermillion The Masters Texas Hold 'em (Player One)
This cutting-edge sequel to Player One's successful original Texas Hold 'em game offers up to 24 AI opponents to take on, in either Single Game or Career mode, and playing under both 'Pot Limit' and 'No Limit' rules. Read the Pokermillion The Masters Texas Hold 'Em review
Pokermillion The Masters Texas Hold 'Em mobile game
Million Dollar Poker (Gameloft)
Discover the most realistic mobile poker game thanks to a new-generation artificial intelligence developed with poker legend Gus Hansen. Whatever your skill level, compete against a multitude of players with different profiles, from the most predictable to the most experienced, who will test your nerves by using the most advanced poker techniques. Read the Million Dollar Poker review
Million Dollar Poker mobile game
World Series of Poker: Pro Challenge (Real Arcade)
Take down poker pros as you build up your chip stack and reputation in Pro Challenge. Play Texas Hold 'em heads up against top World Series of Poker pros: Johnny Chan, Chris Ferguson, Shannon Elizabeth and more, each with their own unique playing styles that adapts to your game play. Read the World Series of Poker: Pro Challenge review
World Series of Poker Pro Challenge mobile game
No Limit Casino 12 Pack (Digital Chocolate)
Test your skill and try your luck with this premium collection of 12 casino classics. With authentic gameplay, casino challenges and even a built-in Blackjack trainer you will be taken to the next level. Remember - high rollers are made, not born! Read the No Limit Casino 12 Pack review
No Limit Casino 12 Packmobile game
Classic Card Games (Hands-On Mobile)
Classic Card Games gives you three addictive games (Hearts, Spades and Rummy) in one deluxe package for the ultimate mobile card game. Create and design your own unique character and take on a host of unique opponents. Classic Card Games is the perfect way for novices and experts alike to hone their skills on the most cutting-edge mobile card compendium to date. Read the Classic Card Games review
Classic Card Games mobile game
Platinum Solitaire 2 (Gameloft)
12 Solitaire games including six new Platinum variations - Monaco, Black Hole, Deck, and more. Six beautiful VIP environments in famous cities around the world. Two bonuses: Memory and Fortune Telling. A Time Attack game mode and betting challenges spice up the game! A personal diary with the player's commented stats. Read the Platinum Solitaire 2 review
Platinum Solitaire 2 mobile game
Jewel Quest Solitaire (I-play)
This is a card game like no other. Discovered in the jungles of Mexico, this forgotten version of solitaire uses a mystifying jewelled deck and powerful Wild Cards. Play through over 30 card layouts, unlocking the mysterious Jewel Quest board along the way, allowing you to uncover the ancient secrets of the lost jungle city and turn sand to gold once more... Read the Jewel Quest Solitaire review
Jewel Quest Solitaire mobile game
5 Star Games (Player X)
Let great explorer, Puzzle Professor, be your guide as you travel across the world, meeting fellow travellers. Play classic games Solitaire, Checkers, Sudoku and Connect 5, plus a mystery bonus game! With over 150 challenges, multiplayer modes, and a quick mode for real on-the-go gamers, 5 Star Games is the ultimate in value-packed gaming. Read the 5 Star Games review
5 Star Games mobile game
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