Blimey. Keeping track of all these Wolfenstein stories is like trying to escape from some kind of fortified, maze-like castle.

First we hear id Software is bringing its classic range of FPS games to the iPhone (Doom, Quake and, of course, Wolfenstein), then John Carmack makes his source code freely available for the work he’s already done adapting Wolfenstein to the iPhone (get it here (so to speak)).

EA goes up on stage at GDC ’09 and tells us the hit mobile game Wolfenstein RPG is coming to the iPhone as part of its 2009 line up, and when we wake up in the middle of the night - reaching desperately for our iPhones - we see Wolfenstein 3D Classic has been marched out onto the App Store.

This is the version Carmack’s been working on, and features all 60 levels of the grandfather of the FPS genre. Not that we’re complaining, mind. Most of us would never have much use for the source code, so it’s great to see an official and easily accessed Wolfenstein 3D Classic at our fingertips.

Carmack also mentioned that Doom is likely to get the same treatment as Wolfenstein, and although we assumed at the time that he meant the source code would be made available (and probably did), we can only hope we’ll be seeing Doom 3D Classic on the iPhone before too much longer.

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